Reality is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis by Anthony Jacquin Review

Published: 20th October 2010
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This book is about hypnosis and how to use it effectively.

It will teach you what hypnosis is and how to hypnotise people anytime and anywhere.

Whether your aim is to use hypnosis for fun, influence, profit or hypnotic engineering this book will show you how.

* Is it possible to walk into a shop and leave with

any goods you choose without paying?

* Is it possible to become ‘invisible'?

* Is it possible to pay people with blank paper

rather than cash?

* Is it possible to make people collapse with laughter

on your command?

* Can you get free drinks by convincing bar staff

you are a superstar?

The answer to all of these questions and many more is YES. The techniques in this book will show you how.

The techniques in this book are simple direct and can be learnt without any prior knowledge of hypnosis. They can be applied effectively in a real world setting, well out of the comfort zone of the therapy room and without the luxury of a stage full of expectant subjects. They are entirely impromptu.

>>>Reality is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis by Anthony Jacquin (free download) -


Anthony Jacquin is a true talent in the world of hypnosis and personal development. Highly qualified and experienced in his field, he is a therapist, consultant and trainer.

Anthony has worked with thousands of individuals, one to one and in groups, showing them how to swiftly change their life. He has featured in national and local media and runs an internationally recognised training course.

When he is not hypnotising he enjoys entertaining people with his unique brand of mental magic, known as - mentalism. His skills include demonstrations of ESP, Mind reading, Psychokinesis, Memory feats and Hypnosis, that will force you to question what is possible and what is impossible. Audience participation is 100% required. Using psychological techniques, suggestion and any other means necessary his aim to entertain in a manner that is most effective for the total enjoyment of the audience.

>>>Reality is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis by Anthony Jacquin (free download) -

My Review

I bought this book (Reality is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis) a few months back and it's a very easy read. It has all the information you need to get started with impromptu hypnosis, backed up with detailed photos, funny stories and ideas, so with a bit of reading, a bit of practice and a lot of confidence you can follow Anthony's instructions and hypnotise friends, family, bar staff or those anoying market researchers that pester you on a Saturday afternoon in town.

As I said, the book is very simple, it covers a lot of key areas for safety, for yourself and your subject (or victim, if your thinking of getting them to moo like a cow). I actually trained with Anthony Jacquin after buying his book, and I got to practice a lot of the methods described in this book. This book will teach you the basics (very well) but I would recommend training with a professional before attempting.

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